About MLZ, art consultant, art lover

photo: Mary Lou Zeek

I love art and artists! I was a studio artist for 28 years, focused on ceramics. I know the skill and passion artists pour into their work. I’ve supported the arts through my work on the the CM Steering Committee, the Oregon Artists Series Foundation and the Salem Public Art Commission. But mostly I’ve supported the arts through the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery.

When I first opened the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery in 2001, my vision was to honor artists and their creations, and to push the limits of what a small gallery could do. Even though my gallery only had 700 square feet of space, I specialized in shows and events that went way beyond the gallery doors. I partnered with small non-profits, other retailers and large organizations to stage some amazing collaborative art shows and events. My gallery received a number of local, state and national awards for our efforts.

At my gallery, I loved helping people find art that mattered to them, whether a small piece or a large work. In 2013, I decided to devote more of my time to being an art consultant. Directly connecting art lovers with just the right art. I moved my gallery to a private space away from downtown, and expanded my art consultation services.

I have great relationships with the many Northwest artists that I represent. I foster personal connections between the artists and those who purchase their pieces.

I find it hard to put into words what makes the Mary Lou Zeek Gallery so different from many galleries. I think you just have to experience it! Please, call me to set up an appointment to visit me at the gallery. I think you’ll see what sets me apart.

Mary Lou Zeek